Monday, May 14, 2007

The Glamorous Life

I was rifling through my bathroom vanity (looking for a washcloth to wipe the spit-up off of my arm) when I saw the pretty make-up kit that my husband so lovingly bought me for Christmas. It had gotten dusty sitting there...probably hadn't been opened in several months. I realized right then that I had gone from wearing make-up to wearing spit-up the minute my son was born. This is not the glamorous life I had imagined, but he is worth it all. So every day I fix my hair after my shower (I have to have SOME dignity, right?), put on clothes that I don't mind getting splattered with hour-old baby formula, and prepare to get peed on at the next diaper change. Goodbye heels and business attire, hello sweats and bottles. My glamour lies in being a good mom.

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