Friday, May 27, 2011

I Want To CTRL-F My House!

The library says we have a book checked out, and I can't find it. I'm pretty particular about our library books, so I was surprised when they said it was still checked out.

As I'm tearing the house apart looking for it, I realized how spoiled I am by working and practically living online and on computers. I'm impatient with actually physically looking for things. I want that CTRL-F "Find" function for my house! How convenient would that be? I'd have that missing library book in no time!

Lost your keys? "CTRL-F - Keys". And BOOM! They are highlighted for me! Maybe they could even beep at me in case they are someplace where I can't see the glow (like under the couch).

It would be amazing for the garage and the junk drawer, where I can't find anything, ever.

"CTRL-F - masking tape" - BOOM! There's the highlighted glow from the workbench in the garage!

"CTRL-F - rubber band" - BOOM! There they all are, scattered at the bottom of the drawer!

"CTRL-F - baby"


Hey, it could happen!